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Our production crew would like to invite you to spend a few minutes with them at the shop.

We start with only the finest select hardwoods from local Ozark sawmills.

The rough cut timber is then cut, book matched, planed and thickness sanded to produce the workable cuts of wood used in crafting these Ozark treasures.

People have suggested that we use automated machinery, but part of the charm we love is the personality behind each piece. Since no two pieces of wood are the same, the only way to bring out the uniqueness of the grain is by "hands-on" labor.

From the drawing out of the parts, to the shaping of the individual pieces, to the assembly and final sanding process, each step is performed by our craftsmen to enhance the uniqueness of the wood they are working with.

Our sound holes are so flawless, many people think they are die cut from a press or burned with a laser. Actually they are still hand cut on the scroll saw by our very patient, master scroll saw cutter Mark.

Mr. Denner smoothing out another Dulcimer. Sanding is probably the most time consuming task of all.

Margaret putting on lining strips. These give extra gluing surface where the top and bottom are attached to the sides. Believe it of not, clothes pins still make the best clamps for the job.

Margaret clamping one down.

Chas stringing one up.

Mr. Denner still sanding!

We hope you have enjoyed our little tour here at the Cedar Creek Dulcimer production shop. On behalf of the crew (from left to right) Charles, little Melinda, Mr. Denner, Margaret and Mark, we would like to say; "thank you for choosing Cedar Creek Dulcimers and May God Bless You!"

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